Onsite Curriculum

Empower Your People – Organize

Onsite Curriculum includes Carolinas’ PETS Materials and District Materials Listed Below

  • PETS Training for Club Presidents-Elect
  • PETS Training for Club Presidents-Nominee
  • PETS Training for Assistant Governors
  • PETS Training for District Governors Nominee
  • PETS Training for District Governors Nominee Designate
  • PETS Training PE-Only Module Planning Your Year of Effective Leadership
  • District Materials developed and presented by District Leaders

Presentation Styles for Onsite Curriculum

President-Elect Curriculum is presented in Small Group Breakouts (less than thirty people) organized by club size. President-Nominee Curriculum is presented with the Nominees divided into two groups. Assistant Governor Curriculum is presented with all AGs in one group. District-based materials are presented with all participants grouped by district, utilizing Discussion Leaders trained by Carolinas’ PETS as well as District Trainers.

Curriculum Updates on The Way…

PETS Training Curriculum and District Materials and are currently under development and will be posted during January 2023. When a specific curriculum item is complete, a link will appear under its name.

Curriculum for Small Group Breakouts

  • Carolinas’ PETS 2023 Curriculum for Presidents-Elect (PDF)
  • Carolinas’ PETS 2023 Curriculum for Presidents Nominee (PDF)
  • Carolinas’ PETS 2023 Curriculum for Assistant Governors (PDF)

Curriculum for District Breakouts